Biographical Snapshot:
Roger J Burke

I now live north of Brisbane, Queensland, near the Sunshine Coast, after having lived in New Guinea, the UK and Canada from 1961 to 1993. During that time, I've had the good fortune to have three sons and a daughter in Australia and twin sons and a daughter from a prior marriage in Canada.

My work record includes the following: first, a spot of colonial administration for five years (1961-1966) in New Guinea, the substance of which formed the narrative for my tell-all memoir, Another Fool's Paradise.

Second, after resigning in 1966, I departed the Australian scene for a long career in IT in England (five years), back to Australia (two years), then back to the UK and on to North America for another twenty-two years. During all that time, I functioned in a variety of roles within operations, programming, systems design and project management. Along the way, I also began a life-long association with karate-do and helped operate karate dojos; also assisted with women's self defense courses in Canada but conducted my own such courses in Australia.

Finally, after settling back in Australia in 1993, I concentrated on maintaining my main website (Roger's Reference) which is devoted to specialized dictionaries of homonyms and homophones. My goal is to amass the largest such database on the internet. While doing so, I discovered the delights of chiastic rhetoric, most commonly exemplified with rhetorical observations such as: I eat to live, not live to eat (first attributed to Cicero, ancient Roman senator). I was so taken with that type of rhetoric, I've formulated over a thousand original comments into three volumes which are available, FREE, in PDF at the above site.

Recognizing the need for further education to improve my writing skills, I obtained a BA (Literature & Composition) at Griffith U. in 2007, followed by an MA (Writing) from Swinburne U. in 2009. In development are mobile apps and additional websites to promote other works and products, some of which will also be published through other outlets in due course.

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Roger J. Burke
Twitter: @mayapan1942

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Some Passing Thoughts:

Get the free download of my complete chiastic thoughts in Volume 1, Volume 2 and Volume 3.

Words sounding the same....

Confused by words that sound the same? Almost everybody I've encountered is, sometimes.

They're called homonyms and homophones. And I've maintained a dictionary of them for fifteen years. Click here for more....

Heard about chiasmus?

It's a commonly used language tool. Most people have used it, including you. It's been used continuously for millennia by many of the greatest minds in history.

Join the fun here to see how it works....

Here's the novel app about challenging words used in literary fiction:

It's the app that takes the tedium out of the medium!

Want to go to Papua-New Guinea?

Well ... let me take you there with my non-fiction narrative (aka memoir) about the last years of Australia's colonial life in the 1960s. And where I was a Cadet Patrol Officer from 1961 to 1964.

Read more about it and choose a fully illustrated paperback here or choose the ebook here.

Everybody has an opinion!

Over many years, I've written on a large variety of topics, all of which are here for you to read.

You can browse through the titles here, including one describing in detail how I cured arthritis in my hands. And how, amazingly and inadvertently, the end of a rainbow found me and my wife. I kid you not!

Most people like to see movies....

And I like writing reviews. I've been doing that for years at IMDB.COM. You can read, at IMDB, a few from my entire portfolio here. Or, you can sample a larger selection right here.

Is Terminator coming soon?

The short answer is no. Should you be afraid? Not yet....

For more information, news and articles on that touchy topic, you can read through my roboticswatch blog here at Wordpress.

Novel ideas and stories....

I completed a contemporary thriller, under a pseudonym of Cyrus H. Milton, ten years ago titled Loose Cannon. You can find out more here and get a free copy (PDF) of the original edition.

Here's the short of it.

Short stories are fun to write for many reasons. You can browse all the titles for my shorts here and read them all if you wish.

Note: occasionally, there is foul and profane language and explicit sex in a couple of stories.

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