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of My Short Stories

These few are, with some exceptions, truly short stories - no more than three or four pages, mostly.

Take your time - enjoy!

By all means, please do share with others, if you wish. But, please also: allow all others to read them for free, as you are now. Thanks.


Basketball Blues:  Not everybody likes that game. But some are driven to it.


Parallax Error: Looking in a mirror is always problematic - especially when you're not properly focusing.


Courage: Sometimes it's more gutsy - at a cost - to keep your mouth shut. Tight.


The Major and The Miners: Children learn to do what parents tell them. Unhappily, some of the time, only too, too well.


Want: Needs are usually more urgent than wants. Until you reach a breaking point.


Sundae: Nothing like a good fruit salad with ice-cream - hmmm-yum. But it all depends on how you make it.


Incognito: When making friends, where the truth lies, lies the truth. Always.


Born to Rage: Most try to keep a lid on their anger. But, what if the rage is ... always raging?


Road Kiln: Every animal on a road is a potential casualty, anytime. So, shit happens, sometimes.


Walkers of the world: A nice walk each morning can be very relaxing. And, sometimes even more so.


Doubt: Probably the emotion we most experience most of the time. But only for the uninformed.


T(h)rust: Where trust in one's betters can lead anybody astray. Anytime.


Certainty: Even when you think you know, it just ain't so....


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Thanks for reading.


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Roger J. Burke.

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