Loose Cannon

"so pray ... pray that Jake Cutter
never finds his missing wife."

FBI Special Agent Jake Cutter has a reputation for independent action, stepping on toes and kicking butts, especially those at the CIA. He's also the best Narcotics Agent the D.C. Bureau has.

But his personal life and twenty-year marriage to Verna are in jeopardy. He suspects there's another man, but that’s something he doesn’t want to face – can't face.

So Jake isn’t too bothered when a wanted drug dealer turns up dead in Georgia. Except to close the file on another scumbag. Meanwhile, Verna decides to visit her pregnant sister, Vicky, in Detroit.

When a second body – a murdered trucker, from Detroit, without his truck – is found near the dead dealer, Jake is drawn into a mystery that started five years earlier. And which will end in seven days with the destruction of the American way of life.

Nobody in authority knows about that deadline. But ... a newbie CIA agent at Langley has crucial humint which no CIA boss will listen to....

Oblivious, Jake suspects the trucker murder involves large shipments of heroin or cocaine. Which takes Jake to Detroit to continue investigating the trucking company and other aspects.

Moreover, with Verna nearby, he thinks he can patch up their marriage. But at Vicky's place, nobody's home: she's in a hospital maternity ward, but Verna and her brother-in-law, Tommy, are gone. Missing.


So, while Jake continues the murder investigation and hunting for the hijacked truck, he's now also desperately - but privately - searching for Verna. And at the same time, he's jealously brooding on the unthinkable: Is Tommy the other man in Verna's emotional life?  

Six days into the hunt, Jake gets a lead on Verna’s location: a rural pig farm in southern Michigan. However: she and Tommy are hostages with terrorists who are - right now - on the road, trucking an Hiroshima-style nuclear bomb directly into America’s heart.

When Jake arrives at the now-abandoned farm, he discovers the nuclear plot, alerts D.C. and begins pursuit of the rig. But: he doesn't know Verna and Tommy are prisoners on it.

Worse: He’s heading for Ground Zero – now only sixty ticking minutes from detonation.

And he doesn't know that either....


You can now download the entire novel for free. This was originally self-published wayback under my pseudonym of Cyrus H. Milton. At a future date, though, I'll be publishing a revised edition (minor edits) through one or more major online channels. For now, however, get it while it's free, in PDF format. And, just by the way, it's Part One of a trilogy.

Do, by all means, pass it on to your family and friends, if you wish. But, as with my free short stories, please ensure other readers have the same free opportunity. Thanks.


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